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Erreà proudly presents ACTIVE TENSE® - our innovative intersection of science, performance and unparalleled Italian design and manufacturing. A flexible exoskeleton, inspired by the principles of kinesiology taping, is embedded in our seamless garments to give you unparalleled active and passive stabilization on joints and muscles and support you during training, competition and recovery.


The moment you try on ACTIVE TENSE®, you’ll feel the difference. Dare to be better.



You shouldn't have to worry about your posture when you're thinking about your pitch, your pace, or the precise point where you’re going to crush that play. That's what the exoskeleton in our athletic wear was created for. Active Tense® reminds your body to naturally and steadily adjust to the best posture or path of motion, by delivering a gentle tension and supporting your muscles and joints at once with an active and passive stabilization effect, so you can focus on being your best.

  • Active Tense® helps reduce muscle vibration and fatigue during workout and competition. The reduced stress on your body helps you perform for longer periods compared to unstabilized muscles.

  • Unrestricted movement and support make for a comfortable and effective wear. 

  • Perfect for Amateur or Athlete: Whether you’re training for a marathon or a sprint, playing competitive rugby or just playing for fun, Active Tense® delivers every advantage to everyone. Comfortable, balanced, stabilized and incredible. 

  • STAY ACTIVE WITHOUT MISSING A BEAT. Active Tense promotes the correct sequence of postures associated with different sports

  •  FOCUS YOUR SUPPORT. Target key muscles and joints to support and strengthen with Active Tense.

  • The inner exoskeleton provides extra support for back, shoulder joints, scapulae, rotator cuffs, arms and elbows.

  • Knee and hip support: improve posture, stability and knee cushioning during and after training.


Active Tense® delivers better biomechanics through its unique taping system that supports and stabilizes your muscles and joints while giving you complete range of motion and proper posture alignment. The highly flexible inner resin exoskeleton system reacts to body heat and stays in the right position during your entire workout, delivering a gentle tension and guiding you to land every jump, hit, sprint or shot. You’re strong, balanced and dynamic.


  • Active Tense®’s patented technology makes it the only product on the market to feature a unique combination of active and passive stabilization, delivering unparalleled results for any activity and making it possible for you to train harder and longer.

  • ACTIVE STABILIZATION: Smart guidance is the best coach. Active stabilization is an adaptive support to muscles and joints to enhance the body’s natural movement, keeping you on the right track and helping you avoid uncomfortable or potentially harmful motions. 

  • PASSIVE STABILIZATION: Keeping a perfect posture through hours of training is hard. Passive stabilization acts as a functional guide, encouraging your body to maintain the correct posture, keeping everything in place and assisting with balance and alignment on your muscles and joints.

  • Engineered Exoskeleton Design: Combines the scientific benefits of kinesiology and biomechanics. Active Tense® is the first garment of its type in this class.    

  • Active Tense® is for everyone - no matter how hard you play. You’ll feel the benefits whether you’re climbing mountains, shooting your 10th round of arrows or just running around the block.

  • MACRO GRAFICA SHORTS: The right compressive choice for intense exercise: our shorts are designed to work with quads, flexors, hamstrings and glutes, providing support and reducing muscle vibration during the most demanding workouts.


Active Tense® clothing is seamless, lightweight and breathable. It won’t intrude on your game. Our technology works just as well in the cold as in the heat, whether you’re wearing it as a base layer or as your total workout gear. Realize your full potential under any condition, on the brisk ice rink or while rock climbing on a hot summer day.


  •  Health Conscious Fabrics: The Active Tense® collection is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified - just like any other Erreà product, meaning our clothes meet the highest quality ratings for health and safety standards. We voluntarily submit to rigorous examinations of our manufacturing process from start to finish to ensure our clothing is held to the highest safety standards and healthy for our athletes. ​

  • Surface construction: We combine advanced wicking and effective ventilation to keep you dry and comfortable. 

  • Seamless Technology: Active Tense® employs a unique seamless construction to perfectly mold to your body with no interference or chafing. The form fitting garments make the taping 100% effective while still providing superior moisture-wicking performance.    


After three years of scientific research, 26 engineered samples and 100 grueling tests under every condition by professional athletes in over 30 sports, we’re confident Active Tense® delivers superior support and results.! Proudly crafted in Italy with the utmost of care, every day athletes around the world unleash their best performances in Active Tense®.

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